Community and Values

Spectre’s NFT collection launched on April 15, 2022, as a free mint with a total supply of 2,000 passes. Many NFT projects adopt a "reverse capitalism" model, where they are paid upfront to deliver on the promise of ideas. We are adamantly against this model and constantly fight against it. One of our core values since day one is utility.

Why NFTs?

NFTs are the chosen medium to interact with our system. They are more user-friendly and make our easier to log and track allocations for transparency.

By having the Spectre Pass NFT, we can attribute ownership and identity to every holder. At the same time, it is possible to integrate smart contracts and automate the entire allocation distribution process.


We are proud of each of our community members and how they are evolving, learning, and becoming experts over time. Most of our members were hand-selected from some of the most prominent communities in the space, such as Neo Tokyo, Bored Ape Yacht Club, and CyberKongz. To initially join Spectre, each member had to pass an exam demonstrating their experience as an early/angel investor. This allows us to have a curated community of well-connected and educated investors who can make the most of our opportunities. Our community consists of experienced individuals within the crypto space who we believe to be of high value.



We aim to make early allocation opportunities accessible to a broader range of investors through its platform. Doing so allows more people to participate in potentially profitable projects and helps create a more diverse and robust ecosystem.


We believe everyone's choice and voice matter and can influence an outcome. We encourage all our holders to share thoughts and feedback so that we can improve what we do and respect every person in our ecosystem equally.


We are committed to full transparency in all that we do. We achieve this by providing ongoing updates to our holders via Twitter and Discord (private and public channels).


We aspire to have strong trust relationships with our community, all partners, and investment projects. We are committed to legal compliance to stay on board with this.

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