How is Spectre Different?

Our Solutions

We offer tokens below IDO price

We target Seed, Strategic and Private round opportunities. On average, the price on seed round is 1/6 the price of IDOs (83%+ discount).

We offer full-transparency around our decision making

All information we have, you have.

  • You will be able to talk to project founders directly through dedicated channels and attend exclusive AMAs for holders inside our server.

  • You will often be able to play the actual game and test the actual tech before committing to sending funds.

  • You will gain access to our thorough due diligence reports provided by our team. These reports include full tokenomics analyses, vesting- and release schedules, as well as digestible summary breakdowns for the intentions of the project, its utilities, and what makes it stand out.

We are all about quality and opportunity

Our multi-step vetting process is designed to give you a chance to contribute, get involved in decision-making, and to meet and interview the founders directly.


By holding the Spectre Pass, we are able to attribute ownership and identity to every holder. At the same time, it is possible to integrate smart contracts and automate the entire process for allocation distribution. Holding the Spectre Pass not only gives holders the possibility to claim early allocation opportunities in the store, but also opens up the following features in our community Discord:

  • Detailed Due Diligence Reports

  • Community Rewards for Active participation

  • AMA’s and Live Discussions

  • Active Education about Crypto and its Market

  • Project/Product Testing

  • Access to our in game assets — including a Large Planet in Phantom Galaxies and a Periphery Land in Shrapnel

  • Direct Contact with project developers

  • Giveaways

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