Investment process

At Spectre, we are proud of our rigorous investment process to find hidden gems. Our multi-step process allows us to screen projects quickly to reduce noise before we start our in-depth analysis.

Projects that pass screening are researched further through meeting the founder(s), a research division deep dive, and due diligence by our investment council; all followed by an approval from the experts committee.

If a project meets our requirements and is approved by our team, we make a soft commitment before putting forward the proposal to the community. If the community shows a genuine interest, we finalise the agreement(s), raise the funds, and finish this opportunity to then transition over to the next.

Investment Sourcing and Origination

Spectre receives the investment materials including pitch decks through its investor and VentureCapital (VC) networks.

Screening Process

Spectre conducts an initial screening of the investment opportunity and whether it is aligned with the organization's investment thesis and web 3 ideals.

Initial Meeting

Spectre conducts the first meeting with the executive team. During this meeting, a series of questions are asked in order to develop a clear and accurate picture of the project. This gives us a strong foundation from which to start developing our proposal.

Investment Due Diligence Process

Our research department conducts a thorough investment analysis to ensure that we make the best possible decisions with our investments.

In parallel, our investment council conducts more profound market research to understand the project's team and potential.

The two-way process allows us to make more informed decisions about whether or not to invest in a particular team or project.

Experts Committee Review and Approval

Our committee of experts, composed of well-connected members of the space ranging from lawyers to tokenomics specialists, review the investment opportunity conducted by the researchers and the investment council.

Spectre Core Team Review and Approval

The core team reviews the due diligence documents prepared by the researchers and investment committee, ensuring a decision that is made based on community and company-wide consensus.

Community Point of View

The documents are shared with the community for them to vote. Depending on the results and feedback from the community, the core team will decide how much of an allocation to close.

Agreement Negotiation and Closing

The Spectre team reviews the terms of the proposed deal and the specified capital allocations. This evaluation helps ensure that the interests of all shareholders are being taken into consideration.


Agreements are signed and the allocation is added to the store with previous announcements for the community members to make their decision. After closing the allocation, the capital is transferred to the project, completing the investment process.

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