Team and Background

Spectre was born from a community project within Neo Tokyo that was started by a group of individuals who were tired of the existing launchpads and their systems of inequality. Our goal was to create a superior service that was based on the principles of accessibility, opportunity, and transparency. After months of tireless work, we became the first decentralized investment organization within Neo Tokyo in December, 2021.

With our model successfully tested inside Neo Tokyo, we expanded our team and fulfilled all the prerequisites to make this idea take off outside the community. With members coming from entrepreneurship, applied sciences, and venture capital backgrounds, we decided to join together to become Spectre.

Four months later, we achieved our goals, closing over $4M in deals and giving our community members the best possible investment opportunities in various projects.

Since our inception, we have faced a multitude of challenges head-on. Each one has only resolved us to stick closer together and become stronger as a team. Today, most of our team members are based in Lisbon, with plans to grow and eventually open a head office there.

Spectre is only just beginning. The best is yet to come.

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